2015 National Bible Conference Recordings

One of the greatest opportunities God has blessed IABC with is the opportunity to minister and teach hundreds of people throughout the year through our Regional and National Conferences.  Though many attend the conferences, our goal is to spread the message of the super-sufficiency of God's Word to deal with the struggles of life. 

The recordings on this page are from our 2015 National Bible Conference held at LIFE Fellowship in Westminster, Colorado.  In addition to the recordings, you will find any handouts that were available at the conference in the tables above the recordings.  


Thursday, August 6 Evening Sessions    
General Session
  • Signs of the Times
Dr. Bob Froese  
Workshop # 1 Sessions
  • Understanding/Dealing with Suffering Pt. 1
Dr. Nicolas Ellen
  • Returning to Your First Love
Pastor Jeff & Rose Colon  
  • Counseling Assurance
Dr. Kevin Carson  
  • Soul Stewardship:  Overcoming Soul Wounds
Tim Russo
  • Counseling Post Abortive Women Pt. 1
Julie Ganschow
  • Biblical Counseling 101
 Dr. Mark Hager  


Friday, August 7  1:00PM General & 2:05PM Workshops    
General Session
  • Preparing for Hard Times
Pastor Dan Bulkley
  • Helping Counselees Trapped on Psych Meds
Dr. Alden Laird
  • Fighting by Faith for the Glory of God
Fred Bucci
  • Codependency:  What Does the Bible Say?
Dr. Virginia Stewart  
  •  Overcomers in Basic Training
Marlowe Bulkley  
  • Understanding Sorrow
Dr. Nicolas Ellen


Friday, August 7 3:10PM Workshops    
  • When Disease and Death are the Norm
Dr. Kevin Hurt
  • Evangelism in Counseling
Dr. Mark Hager
  • Difference Between Worldly and Godly Sorrow
Dr. Frank Snyder
  • Thanksgiving All Year Long
Sue Laird  
  • Triumphant Teens and Twenties
Ellen Castillo
Friday, August 7 Evening Sessions    
General Session
  • Testimony- Thanksgiving:  The Key to Becoming a Triumphant Overcomer
Lauri Bucci  
  • Love Grown Cold
Pastor Jeff Colon  
  • Understanding and Dealing with Suffering Part 2
Dr. Nicolas Ellen  
  • Relinquishing Control:  When God Doesn't Obey
Tim Russo
  • Counseling Post-Abortive Women Pt. 2
Julie Ganschow
  • Overcoming Sexual Temptation and Sin
Dr. Kevin Carson
  • Women of the Word:  A Door into Titus 2:3-5
Ruth Froese  
  • God's Gauges for Humility
Dr. Bob Froese
Saturday, August 8  9:00AM General & 10:30AM Workshop    
General Session
  • Christians and War
Dr. Kevin Hurt  
  • Witnessing to Desperate People
Pastor Dan Bulkley
  • Going Under the Knife
Dr. Alden Laird
  • Overcoming Troubled Times with Prayer
Rose Colon

  • "Y" We Do the Things We Do
Dr. Virginia Stewart  
  • Overcoming Identity Theft:  What's Your Worldview?
Sarah Cadwell  
Saturday, May 14 11:45AM General Session  
  • What We Can and Can't Know About Prophecy
Dr. Ed Bulkley