2016 International Bible Conference

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One of the greatest opportunities God has blessed IABC with is the opportunity to minister and teach hundreds of people throughout the year through our Regional and National Conferences.  Though many attend the conferences, our goal is to spread the message of the super-sufficiency of God's Word to deal with the struggles of life. 

This page will direct you to our online store where the recordings from our 2016 International Bible Conference are available to download at a minimal cost.  This conference was held in August at LIFE Fellowship Family Bible Church in Westminster, Colorado.  In addition, you will find any handouts that were available at the conference as PDF downloads.



PDF Download

2016IABC IABC 2016 National Bible Conference-Entire MP3 33 Sessions $75.00  
G1 Disasters Are Divine Appointments Dr. Ed Bulkley $3.50  
 G2 A Biblical Look at Depression Dr. Daniel Berger II  $3.50     

Muting Messiah's Messengers 

Bret Laird $3.50     
 G4  Faith & Disaster Pastor Jeff Colon   $3.50    
 G5 Disaster of Moral Decline Dr. Kevin Hurt  $3.50     
 G6 The Source of Disaster Pastor Dan Bulkley  $3.50     
 W1.1 Schizophrenia:  A Study in Human Nature Dr. Daniel Berger II  $3.50     
W1.2 When a Loved One Says, "I'm Gay." Pastor Warren Lamb $3.50
 W1.3 Unity in Marriage in the Midst of Disaster Rose Colon $3.50     
 W1.4 Counseling the Emotionally Abused Woman  Julie Ganschow  $3.50     
W1.5 Disaster of Dysfunctional Faith Brian Wright   $3.50    
W1.6 God's Presence in the Midst of Disaster Pastor Tim Bryant $3.50  
W2.1 Two Kinds of Repentance Joseph E. Propri $3.50
W2.2 Dealing with the Disaster of Cancer Pastor Mike Martin $3.50
W2.3 Overcome the Fear of Disaster Marlowe Bulkley $3.50
W2.4 A Heart Set Higher Ruth Froese $3.50
W2.5 Disaster of Blowing Your Own Horn Dr. Alden Laird $3.50
W3.1   Where is God When You Need Him? Tim Russo   $3.50    
W3.2 Disaster:  My Child Was Molested Pastor Warren Lamb $3.50

Preparing Youth for Disaster

Ellen Castillo $3.50  

Help!  My Loved One is an Addict!

Julie Ganschow $3.50  

Abounding in Hope:  Seven Promises for Counselees in Crisis

Pastor Tim Bryant $3.50

Mental Illness:  The Necessity for Faith and Authority

Dr. Daniel Berger II $3.50  

The Disaster of Depression

Brian Wright $3.50  
W4.2 When Disaster Destroys Your Dreams Tim Russo $3.50
 W4.3 Dealing with the Disaster of Worry Dr. Frank Snyder  $3.50     
W4.4 Signs of Genuine Repentance Joseph E. Propri $3.50
W4.5 Biblical Mentoring for Women Ellen Castillo $3.50  
W4.6 Helping People Through Post-Traumatic Stress Dr. Daniel Berger II $3.50  
W5.1 Men Should Always Pray Pastor Jeff Colon $3.50  
W5.2 Disaster in the Church:  Moral Failure of a Leader Pastor Warren Lamb $3.50
 W5.3 Unshakable by Disaster Ruth Froese  $3.50     
W5.4  The Disaster of Temptation  Dr. Frank Snyder $3.50   
W5.5  Lessons from a Loser Dr. Alden Laird $3.50     
W5.6 How God Opens Doors in Closed Countries Bret Laird $3.50