2017 International Bible Conference

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One of the greatest opportunities God has blessed IABC with is the opportunity to minister and teach hundreds of people throughout the year through our Regional and National Conferences.  Though many attend the conferences, our goal is to spread the message of the super-sufficiency of God's Word to deal with the struggles of life. 

This page will direct you to our online store where the recordings from our 2017 International Bible Conference are available to download at a minimal cost.  This conference was held in August at LIFE Fellowship Family Bible Church in Westminster, Colorado.  In addition, you will find any handouts that were available at the conference as PDF downloads.



PDF Download

2017IABC IABC 2017 National Bible Conference-Entire MP3 35 Sessions $75.00  
G1.1 How to Start A Mission House

Jim Tracy, Matt Perkins, and Oliver Underwood

G1.2 Biblical Answers vs. the World’s Answers for Transforming the Mind  Dr. Ed Bulkley $3.50  
 G2 Psychopharmacology:  Biblical Answers vs. Medicated Answers Dr. Daniel Berger II  $3.50   

Testimony of Coach Bill McCartney

Coach Bill McCartney $3.50   
 G3.2 Are You Satisfied with God? Dr. Kevin Hurt  $3.50  
G4 The Only Answer Pastor Jeff Colon $3.50  
 G5 Real Families-Real Eternity Dr. Bob Froese $3.50   
 G6 Biblical Answers vs. Man-Made Goals Pastor Dan Bulkley  $3.50   
 W1.1 Rebuilding Trust in Broken Relationships Pastor Joseph E. Propri $3.50   

Unmasking Addictions:  Determining the Primary Cause of Enslaving Behaviors

Dr. Jim Berg $3.50

7 Questions to Ask B4U Consider 13 Reasons Why:  Suicide is NOT the Answer 

Sarah Cadwell $3.50     

Teens:  Hope Through Real Answers 

Ellen Castillo $3.50   
W1.5 Counseling and the Cross of Christ Dr. Antonio Alfred  $3.50  

Breaking News!  An Anxious Nation has Anxiety about Anxiety

Pastor Jeff Christianson $3.50  

A Bible Reformation:  The Importance of the Reformation for Biblical Counseling 

Pastor Woody Church $3.50
W2.2 Counseling Parents of Rebellious Teens Rose Colon $3.50
W2.3 Transformation Through Repentance Christine Minott $3.50
W2.4 The Ins and Outs of IABC Certification Dr. Bob & Ruth Froese $3.50  
W2.5 A Reasonable Faith Pastor Tracy Gray $3.50
W3.1   Is it REALLY Jesus Calling? Marlowe Bulkley  $3.50    

Transgenderism and the Rise of Sexual Distortions:  A Biblical Response 

Pastor Warren Lamb $3.50

Counseling People from Other Churches

Pastor Joseph E. Propri $3.50    

Counselor Peaks and Valleys

Pastor Scott Crutchfield $3.50  

Managing Your Marriage

Pastor Tim Russo $3.50

Counseling Case Studies

Dr. Antonio Alfred $3.50  

Addressing the Life-Dominating Sin

of Addiction at the Heart 

Dr. Jim Berg $3.50
 W4.3 Real Life:  Caring for Aging Parents Julie Ganschow $3.50   
W4.4 Managing Your Mind Pastor Tim Russo $3.50
W4.5 How to Make a Decision About Anything Rick Thomas $3.50  
W4.6 Psychopharmacology:  Biblical Answers vs. Medicated Answers (Part 2) Dr. Daniel Berger II $3.50  
W5.1 Why Am I Still Here? Dr. Alden Laird $3.50  
W5.2 Replacing Worry and Anxiety with Trust and Peace Christine Minott $3.50  
 W5.3 Biblically Counseling Single Mothers Ruth Froese  $3.50   
W5.4  Suffering University Pastor Scott Crutchfield $3.50 
W5.5  What Does It Mean to be Gospel-Centered? Rick Thomas $3.50