August 2nd-4th, 2018

Denver, Colorado


Ancient Paths  of God's Word:  The Super-Sufficiency of Scripture Dr. Ed Bulkley  
Testimony:  Nathan Irving  Nathan Irving
Ancient Paths for Caring for the Least of These Dr. Bob Froese
 Seeing the Individual Among the Crowd  Pastor Jeff Colon
 The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs  Dr. Peter Breggin, M.D.
 Panel Discussion:  "Your Drug May Be Your Problem"  Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Ed Bulkley, Dr. Daniel Berger 
 Ancient Paths for Leaving a Legacy  Dr. Kevin Hurt
 Well-Driven Nails  Pastor Dan Bulkley


WORKSHOP #1, Thursday, August 2nd, 7:45PM                                                                                 
The Heart of Domestic Abuse Pastor Chris Moles
Ancient Madness vs. Modern Mental Illness (Part 1) Dr. Daniel Berger II
How to Overcome the Fear of Others Rick Thomas
Dealing with Emotional Affairs in Marriage Pastor Jeff and Rose Colon
Created Male and Female:  Gender Matters Pastor Warren Lamb
The Gospel and Evangelism in Counseling Pastor Mark Hager
WORKSHOP #2, Friday, August 3rd, 1:45PM                                                                  
Biblically Counseling Women Who Have Suffered Unspeakable Evil Ruth Froese
Retirement:  Is it Biblical? Dr. Howard Eyrich

The Power of the Holy Spirit in Counseling Pastor Jeff Christianson
Renewing the Mind and Getting Our Mind Right Pastor Kevin Lee
Slaying the Giant of Depression Marlowe Bulkley
I Don't Have Any Friends Dr. Alden Laird
WORKSHOP #3, Friday, August 3rd, 3:00PM    
Ancient Madness vs. Modern Mental Illness (Part 2) Dr. Daniel Berger II
The Ins and Outs of IABC Certification Dr. Bob and Ruth Froese
Bearing the Burdens of the Elderly Julie Ganschow
How Do I Know the Will of God? Pastor Woody Church
The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children Pastor Chris Moles
Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Counseling Dr. Antonio Alfred
WORKSHOP #4, Saturday, August 4th, 10:15AM    
James, The Model Biblical Counselor Dr. Howard Eyrich
Ancient Paths and Christ-Honoring Communication Pastor Steve Cranston
Ancient Paths from Psalm 1 Rose Colon
Premarital Counseling Pastor Kevin Lee
Ancient Paths:  Christianity vs. Buddhism Sarah Cadwell
Law and Grace in the Counseling Situation Pastor Jeff Christianson