2018 Western Regional Conference Recordings

May 31st-June 2nd

Port Orchard, Washington



Please find the recordings for all GENERAL SESSIONS below:

GENERAL SESSION 1:  "The Super-Sufficiency of God's Word"- Dr. Ed Bulkley

GENERAL SESSION 2:  "Ancient Paths for Leaving a Legacy"-Dr. Kevin Hurt

GENERAL SESSION 3:  "Ancient Madness vs. Mental Illness" - Dr. Daniel Berger

GENERAL SESSION 4:  "Ancient  Paths for Modern Culture:  Well-Driven Nails" - Pastor Dan Bulkley

GENERAL SESSION 5:  "Ancient Paths for Caring for the Least of These" - Dr. Bob Froese (Recording Unavailable)

Thursday,May 31st Workshops (7:45PM Session)  Please find the recordings below:

"Caring for Aging Parents" - Julie Ganschow

"Washing with the Water of the Word" - Pastor Warren Lamb

"Discerning Forgiveness from Reconciliation (Pt. 1)" - Pastor Dan Bulkley

"Disciples Who Make Disciples" - Dr. Kevin Hurt

Friday, June 1st Workshops (2:05-3:00PM Session)  Please find the recordings below:

"When a Woman Feels Offended" - Ruth Froese

"Transgenderism and Other Sexual Distortions" - Pastor Warren Lamb

"When Your World is Turned Upside Down:  Meet Mr. Job" - Dr. Kevin Hurt

"What Should I Do When I'm Afraid of Dying" - Dr. Ed Bulkley

Friday, June 1st Workshops (3:10-4:00PM Session)  Please find the recordings below:

"Teaching a Child to Pay Attention" - Dr. Daniel Berger

"The Ins and Outs of IABC Certification" - Dr. Bob and Ruth Froese

"Diagnosis:  Alzheimer's or Another Dementia" - Julie Ganschow

"Discerning Forgiveness from Reconciliation (Pt. 2)" - Pastor Dan Bulkley

Friday, June 1st Workshops (8:00PM Session)  Please find the recordings below:

"Ancient Madness vs. Modern Mental Illness (Pt. 2)" - Dr. Daniel Berger

"Biblically Counseling Women Who Have Suffered Unspeakable Evil" -Ruth Froese

"PTSD & CPTSD:  Brain, Mind, Emotions as Co-Conspirators" - Pastor Warren Lamb

"The Complete Package"- Dr. Bob Froese

Saturday, June 2nd Workshops (10:10AM Session)  Please find the recordings below:

"Slaying the Giant of Depression" - Marlowe Bulkley

"What Should I Do When I've Grown Cold Toward God?" - Dr. Ed Bulkley

"From Victim to Victor" - Dr. Bob Froese

"Bearing the Burdens of the Elderly" - Julie Ganschow