IABC Affirmations & Denials

The affirmations and denials are the distinctives of the Biblical Counseling movement and are the foundation for the beliefs and practices of IABC members.

The purpose of the Affirmations and Denials is to honor Christ, strengthen the church and to promote God's Word as a vital force in the believer. It is the prayer of those of us in IABC that the Affirmations and Denials will challenge you to become a partner with us in developing them into a viable tool for the equipping of the saints.
  • General Revelation is truth about God revealed through creation.
  • Special Revelation is truth revealed through Holy Scripture (the Bible).
Biblical Counseling is the Christ-centered, Holy Spirit empowered, practical and therapeutic application of Biblical truths to a person's life through nurture,
instruction, correction and prayer, with the goal of personal maturity and fruitfulness.

The final and supreme authority of the church and of every Christian is the Word of God. It is God's final word in everything that relates to faith and practice.

Sufficiency is the inherent authority of Scripture guaranteeing and providing in Christ all that man needs for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). As inerrancy speaks to the rule of faith, so sufficiency speaks to the rule of practice.
To download a complete copy of IABC's Affirmations and Denials, please click on the picture below: