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Reception of AABC (American Academy of Biblical Counselors) Members & Master’s International University of Divinity to IABC





Dear Members & Certified Counselors of IABC (International Association of Biblical Counselors),

January 2017 marks the beginning of a new year and new blessings that we all anticipate from God as the year unfolds. This is equally true for IABC, and we want to share with you as members and certified counselors of IABC a few of those blessings.

First — Several months ago, AABC (American Academy of Biblical Counselors) expressed interest regarding the possibility of IABC receiving their membership. They felt it was no longer necessary for AABC to serve as a training and certifying organization, and wanted us to consider the possibility of a transfer of their membership into IABC.

The past few months have seen exciting and encouraging discussions between the Executive Board of IABC and AABC. Our discussions were positive and encouraging as we worked through this process. Given both AABC and IABC’s history of commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture, we enjoyed a special sense of unity in working out the details of this transfer. Below you will find a well-written letter by Dr. Dennis Frey to the membership of AABC, outlining the transfer of the AABC membership to IABC on January 09, 2017.

Letter to AABC Membership on transfer of members to IABC

As the Executive Board of IABC, we want you to know that we are excited about this transfer of new members from AABC. We see this as an opportunity for growth and the spread of Biblical Counseling in the US and around the world.

That is the first blessing of this new year!

Second — IABC will also be accepting biblical counseling students from the Master’s International University of Divinity, Evansville IN (http://ims.mdivs.edu) for certification with IABC. Through our discussions with MIUD, we have worked out the details that will enable each student to complete the necessary training, testing, and mentoring in order to obtain certification with IABC.

Just think about the potential of this blessing. These students — who will go into the world as pastors, missionaries, counselors, leaders of men’s & women’s ministries, etc. — will have been trained and certified in Biblical Counseling to effectively use God’s Word to see lives transformed for God’s glory!

As we, the Executive Board of IABC, begin this New Year, we are excited about these two blessings. We trust that you will also rejoice with us and pray for us as this transfer becomes official on January 09, 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IABC Members Services Office at 1-844-THE-IABC (843-4222). They would be glad to serve you and assist you with questions regarding this transfer of membership to IABC or with any other questions you may have.

On behalf of the IABC Executive Board,

Dr. Kevin E. Hurt, Executive Vice President


IABC Executive Board:  Dr. Ed Bulkley, President  / Dr. Kevin Hurt, Executive Vice President   /Pastor Dan Bulkley   /Pastor Jeff Colon   /Dr. Bob Froese